Spielberg and Burnett want You


Think American Idol for aspiring filmmakers.

Spielberg and Burnett want You
Filmmakers (over age 13) from around the world can apply online from now until February 16th for a chance to appear on Steven Spielberg and Mark Burnett's new reality show "On The Lot".

After narrowing down the applicants to sixteen contestants, the filmmakers will be split into four teams and provided with the necessary resources to produce a short film. Each week will focus on a different genre.

On The Lot will air two episodes a week, a one-hour “Film Premiere” episode and a half-hour “Box Office” episode.

In the “Film Premiere” episodes, the teams will show their short films to a live audience and panel of three judges (a motion picture executive, a prominent film critic, and a guest judge).

On the half-hour “Box Office” results show, the director of the losing feature will be sent home, leaving that team with fewer contestants to help produce the next week’s film.

“All through my career I’ve done what I can to discover new talent and give them a start,” Spielberg said. “This opportunity with Mark Burnett, DreamWorks and Fox allows all of us to reach out directly to open a much wider door.”