Independent Feature Project


"IFP is a 28-year old, not-for-profit membership and advocacy organization that supports and serves the independent film community by connecting creative talent and the film industry. Wide-reaching programs provide invaluable information, resources, networking and support to filmmakers while promoting film as a vital and influential public art form."


Independent Feature Project is the leading resource of the American independent film movement today. Its 9,000 filmmaker and film industry members participate year-round in activities ranging from popular screenings to cutting-edge workshops and seminars.

Offering invaluable assistance, information and access to the world of independent film, IFP programs help members make connections, and find out the latest on who's who, who's buying, who's financing and who's making what features, shorts and documentaries.

All IFP chapters offer similar benefits:
  1. Built-in Networking Opportunities at all events
  2. Multiple Funding and Grant Programs
  3. Hundreds of Preview and Premeire Screenings
  4. Career Advancement Seminars and Workshops
  5. Significant Production Discounts and Savings
  6. Complimentarty Subscription to FILMMAKER Magazine
  7. Corporate Visibility (for corporate members)
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