Download Avid Free DV for Editing


Avid Free DV is feature-streamlined, standalone software designed to give a user the opportunity to explore the Avid editing application.

Windows XP OS, 933 MHz Pentium III or any Pentium 4 or any Pentium M processor, 1 GB system memory (1.5 GB recommended).
Mac OS X 10.3.4 or OS X 10.3.5 667 MHz or faster G4, 1 GB system memory (1.5 GB recommended)

* Please Note: Newer versions of Mac OS X 10.4.x not supported with AvidFreeDV (until further notice)
These requirements are the same as those for Xpress Pro so that upgrading is made "easy". You may or may not have success running Free DV on slower machines.

Avid Free DV software is provided "as is." This means Avid does not guarantee this software's compatibility with any particular computer system, or various components installed on it. Avid Free DV should not be installed on a system with an Avid product already on it. Doing so could cause issues with the performance of both.

Here are the features:

2 Video Tracks / 2 Audio Tracks
2 Video/2 Audio Layers

Editing Tools
Drag-and-drop Editing
Insert, Overwrite
Superimpose, Fit-to-fill
3-Point editing
Roll, Ripple, Blade

Real-time architecture
16 Customizable Real-Time Effects
2 Real-Time Streams

Compositing & Effects
Basic compositing
Basic Keyframeable Filters & Effects
Avid Title Tool

Input Output Options
DV FireWire Capture
DV Scene Extraction
Timecode Display
QuickTime (MOV) encoding


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