Free Screenwriting Program Celtx


The developers pronounce it "Kel-tix" with a hard C and derived the name from what the software would organize (Crew, Equipment, Locations, Talent, XML).

Celtx offers several unique features to screenwriters and anyone involved in pre-production. These include:

Writing Tools
Celtx includes two editors - one for writing properly formatted scripts and another for writing plain text documents. Celtx includes all the essential features that writers need, like auto save, intuitive formatting, plain text formatting, pagination, title page generation, scene management, printing, spellchecker, embedded notes, keyboard shortcuts, find and replace, importing and exporting, PDF and HTML script reports, and collaboration.

Multi and External Document Support
Add any document from any application to your Celtx Project.

Story Development Tools
Celtx comes with six pre-loaded forms for keeping track of details on backgrounds for characters and expanded scene details, track details on Locations, Props, Wardrobes and Actor Profiles.

Media Rich Breakdowns
Celtx allows you to create media rich breakdowns (including sound files, video clips, digital photos, scanned documents) in order to help pre-visualize and plan your project.

Element tagging
Celtx allows directors and writers to easily tag elements in thirty-five different categories, such as "wardrobe" and "greenery". These tagged elements can then be automatically transferred to a script breakdown, which allows production staffers to easily know what elements the script calls for. You can tag elements where they appear in the script and click on for more information like a webpage.

Calendar and Scheduling
Use the built in Calendar and Reports features to keep your Project organized.

Production Reports
Create lists of your props, dialogue, characters or needed wardrobe for you film project. You can also generate detailed breakdown reports by scene or department.

Celtx lets you share project information with other team member using the secure built in Celtx server.

Project Central
If you want to show your stuff to the world… upload your project to Project Central where the Others can provide feedback. You can also use Project Central to contact potential collaborators.