Avid versus Final Cut: Round 1


Entering the ring in this corner is Apple's underdog champ, Final Cut Express HD.And in the other corner, the heavyweight, Avid Xpress Pro.

Let's get ready to rumble!

Avid steps up and delivers three quick punches to Final Cut's gut.

“Work quickly and accurately”

“I wouldn’t use anything but Avid to work on a low-budget documentary. On these types of projects, I need a tool that will allow me to work quickly and accurately, not waste time rendering sequences and, most importantly, not lose my media. When dealing with so much footage and a budget that doesn’t allow me to burn time searching for clips and rebuilding sequences, using something like Final Cut Pro would have been too volatile and risky. Avid is the way to go, it manages my media, works intuitively, and allows me to focus on the story.”

Jeff Groth
Editor, So Goes the Nation

“Editing so easy”

“An Avid [system] makes editing so easy, and while it’s wonderful to have this ability to explore concepts and to have it accessible to so many people, I believe strongly that editing is not about randomly putting things together to see what will work; [rather] it’s about having a very constructed view of something. Then - what the Avid [system] does - is help you construct that story, as opposed to experimenting your way into it. I think of editing as a storytelling process conceived from a defined point of view and told in a linear way, where not one edit should be out of place and where each edit is integral to the whole.” Read Joseph’s story

Joseph Kahn
Filmmaker, Commercial and Music Video Director

“Affordable and adaptable”

“I’m a true believer in the [Avid Xpress Pro] system, especially on lower-budget projects because it’s affordable and adaptable, whether it’s Mac or PC.

I like that I can work on the Media Composer Adrenaline [system], then go home and work on my laptop [using Avid Xpress Pro software], and go back again to the higher-end systems quite easily.Read Meg’s story

Meg Reticker
Editor, Come Early Morning

If you agree or disagree with any of these statements, let us know in the comments!


Robert said...

Our experience of Avid Xpress 3.5 and Avid Xpress Pro is that they both crash often, they're expensive and their user interface is a little tired. Also the support we've got from Avid for these products has been crap. We're migrating away from Avid to Final Cut and Premiere (although Premiere isn't so great on large feature projects but it does integrate with After Effects which is superb...no, correction...that's absolutlely superb).

Marcus Sonsteby said...

Please let us know how your migration to Final Cut goes.