Time Wasters and Relaxing Your Mind


After a long session of writing, I find that my mind needs to relax. Other times my mind will relax when it wonders away from the task at hand to something tangentially related. Ten minutes later I'll wonder how I arrived at a Wikipedia entry.

What do you guys do to take a mental break?

Sometimes I play stupid flash games. Like this one:


John R. said...

I watch a movie, or even special features on a movie, I find it re-energizes me and gets me pumped to start writing again.

Marcus Sonsteby said...

I sometimes do that too. Although I find that I have to actively watch a film to be able to follow the story. Otherwise my mind wanders back to whatever I'm working.

There is no off button for my mind. Being tired helps to slow it down sometimes.

S.L. said...

I just take a break for a bit. Start watching television to try and get some ideas in.

Also, mind if I add your blog to my blogroll?