Friends Get Films Made


Recall for a second the story of Damon and Pythias from Greek mythology. According to a Greek legend: when Pythias was sentenced to be executed Damon took his place to allow Pythias to get his affairs in order; when Pythias returned in time to save Damon the king was so impressed that
he let them both live.

NO, I'm not trying to make paint a grand metaphor where the Producer is King, Director is Pythias, and the Assistant Director/s is/are Damon. That's not the point (and I cannot stand working with those snobs... unless said snob has notable honors and/or deep pockets).

The point is this, when you are working on a film with friends the moviemaking process becomes movie magic. Everything seems to come together faster and the results are more pleasing to everyone involved. The viewer can tell if friends worked together to create a film. Friends fall in love with the story together.

So, find your friends a make a movie this summer!


Paros Shepherd said...

Hi Marcus,
How about a group of friends enjoying a Greek island while making a film together?

Have you seen the Paros Filmmaking Workshop?