Finding Fulfillment in Failed Films


Are you a person who is able to find fulfillment in crappy films?

Here's what Alex Billington has to say:

Too many people are caught up in the idea that their “time is wasted” when a movie is terrible (and then they walk out), but I'll enjoy it anyway, as much as I can, and just take in the cinematic experience more than anything.

Obviously we can argue endlessly for years about how to fix and improve the current theatrical situation, but that won't eliminate every bad movie, and that won't always fix every problem. I just take the cinematic experience for what it is, and enjoy it.

After Sundance I've been getting out to every last film festival I can, just because I love seeing these hidden gems and terrible creations. To me, it's never a waste of time. The way cinema used to be was that no one complained and just went for the heck of it, even if it was bad. That post is a great outlook on some time passed, but memories not forgotten.

Here is a related post to Alex's article:

Eventually I realized the unappealing conditions in the theatre were conducive to enjoying incredibly bad movies - I would go down there with friends on $2.50 Tuesday without having consulted the listings first. We would look up at the marquee, determine the worst film playing that night, and buy tickets. We saw Justine Bateman's Satisfaction using this method - it was showing on two screens and one show was sold out; for our showing we had the place to ourselves, in one of the theatres in the basement. It was like a private viewing.