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The Vision:
IFP Minnesota envisions a world where expression through images is valued and encouraged. IFP Minnesota is the Center for Media Arts that supports and promotes the work of artists who create screenplays, film, video, and photography in the Midwest. From novice to experienced media artists, IFP MN provides ongoing programs and services to ensure that your voice is seen and heard.
If you live in Minnesota, these links will be more beneficial.

Photography Resources:

American Photo -www.americanphotomag.com
Camera Arts - www.cameraarts.com
Lenswork - www.lenswork.com
Minnesota Center for Photography - www.mncp.org
mnartists.org - www.mnartists.org
Profotos.com - www.profotos.com
Vision Quest - www.vqphoto.com

Companies + Vendors - Photography:
DigiGraphics/Photos Inc. - www.digidigi.com
National Camera Exchange & Video - www.nationalcamera.com
Photo Warehouse - www.photo-warehouse.com
Technophobia Consulting - www.technophobiaconsulting.com
West Photo - www.westphoto.com

Filmmaking Resources:
Altered Esthetics - www.alteredesthetics.com
American Accolades Screenwriting Competition - www.americanaccolades.com
AMPAS Screenwriting Fellowships - www.oscars.org/nicholl/index.html
Chesterfield Writers' Film Project - www.chesterfield-co.com
Cinema Revolution - www.cinemarevolution.com
Corporation for Public Broadcasting - www.cpb.org
Creative Capital - www.creative-capital.org
FilmFestivals Entertainment Group - www.filmfestivalspro.com
Filmmaker Magazine -www.filmmakermagazine.com
indieWIRE - www.indiewire.com
Internet Movie Database (IMDB) - www.imdb.com
Minnesota Screenwriters' Workshop - www.mm.com/user/mnsww
mnartists.org - www.mnartists.org
Movie Bytes - www.moviebytes.com
Chan Poling, Composer - www.chanpoling.com
Todd Syring, Composer - www.syringmusic.com
University Motion Picture Club - www.umpc.org
Winnipeg Film Group - www.winnipegfilmgroup.com
Zoetrope.com - www.zoetrope.com

Companies + Vendors - Film/Video:
Cinequipt - www.cinequipt.com
DVDTransfer.com -www.dvdtransfer.com
Innovative Business Products - www.innovativebp.com
Kodak - www.kodak.com
Lights On Minneapolis - www.lightson.com
Pixel Farm - www.pixelfarm.com

Bush Foundation - www.bushfoundation.org
Independent Television Service (ITVS) - www.itvs.org
Jerome Foundation - www.jeromefdn.org
Metropolitan Regional Arts Council - www.mrac.org
MN State Arts Board - www.arts.state.mn.us

Media Arts Organizations:
Asian Media Access - www.amamedia.org
Digital Pictures - www.digitalpictures.com
Directors Guild of America - www.dga.org
www.filmmakersalliance.com - www.filmmakersalliance.com
IFP - www.ifp.org
www.itvs.org - www.itvs.org
Intermedia Arts - www.intermediaarts.org
Minnesota Center for Photography - www.mncp.org
Minnesota Film & TV Board - www.mnfilmandtv.org
National Alliance for Media Arts and Culture - www.namac.org
Northern Guild - www.thenorthernguild.com
OverExposure - www.overexposuremedia.org
Springboard for the Arts - www.springboardforthearts.org
Writers Guild of America - www.wga.org

Film Threat - www.filmthreat.com
Filmmaker.com - www.filmmaker.com
IndieFilmmaker - www.indiefilmmaker.org
LA.COM - www.la.com
The Numbers - www.the-numbers.com

Business Plan Resources:
Business Plan for Films - www.megadox.com/docdetail.php/5459?a_id=74
Understanding film financing and writing business plans - www.moviemoney.com/
Business Plans for Film & Movie Projects - www.surfview.com/sejwcbp1.htm
Business Plan FAQ - http://sbinformation.about.com/cs/businessplans/l/blbplanfaqindex.htm
Sample BP Summary - www.angelicentertainment.com/bpsummary.htm
ifp.org Article on business plans - www.ifp.org/filmmakerlib/article.php?subcatid=21&id=42

Film Schools:
FilmSchools.com - www.filmschools.com
Film School Confidential - www.tomedgar.com/fsc
Full Sail - www.fullsail.com

Theaters and Festivals:
Atomic Midnights at St. Anthony - www.incredibleshows.iwarp.com
Cinema Slop - www.stitzel.com/cinema
Cinema Treasures - www.cinematreasures.org
Drive-In Theaters in MN - www.driveintheater.com/list/minnesot.htm
Egofest Short Video Film Festival - www.egofestival.com
FilmFestivals.com – www.filmfestivals.com
Flaming Film Festival - www.flamingfilmfestival.com
Free Range Film Festival - www.freerangefilm.com
Heights Theatre - www.heightstheater.com
Inside Film Online - www.insidefilm.com
Landmark Theatres Minneapolis -
Minnesota Film Arts (Oak Street Cinema/Bell/MSPIFF) - www.mnfilmarts.org
Riverview Theater - www.riverviewtheater.com
Sound Unseen - www.soundunseen.com/2005_old
Square Lake Solstice Film Festival - www.solsticefestival.org
Twin Cities Black Film Festival - www.tcbff.com
Walker Art Center - http://calendar.walkerart.org/index.wac

Thanks to IFP MN for the list of links! [ifpmn.org/resources.html]


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