Intriguing Site: The Clapperboard


This is one filmmaking resource site that really intrigues me. It's design is very minimalistic with a white background and black text. The links are all contained within the paragraphs.

A new section of the website that is hidden away covers the topic of screen writing.

". . .I do know the film makers I admire all have one thing in common – they all got started by just writing a script, then begged, borrowed or stole a camera to shoot their film. Everyone has to start somewhere, and with the advent of affordable digital video, there has never been a better time to start learning the techniques of film making."

Explore this website and post any interesting finds in the comments section below.


Dr. Ian Harvey Read said...

I've recently updated The Clapperboard - new sections include a guide to low budget masterpieces. It's early days tho :)

Damien said...

Thank you very much.