Google Sketchup for Previsualization


Google Sketchup for Previsualization
I've hand drawn story boards before for short films. I've also drawn out detailed floor plans including character staging and camera location and movement.

SketchUp will allow you to create a virtual 3D set and use it to create both story boards and floor plans. It's free to use and can be installed on both Windows and Mac OS X.

There are many 3D models created for you to use. The "3D Warehouse" features allows users to import models and use them for their own sets. SketchUp features textures and Google Earth support.

To get started fast, view the Google SketchUp tutorials:
  • Video tutorials. In Google SketchUp open the "Help" menu, and then click "View Tutorials".
  • Self-paced tutorials. In Google SketchUp open the "Help" menu, point to "Self-Paced Tutorials," and then click "Part 1" to get started. These tutorials run in SketchUp and invite you to try the things you are learning.