Filmspotting Podcast


"A weekly film podcast from Chicago with
Adam Kempenaar and Sam Van Hallgren

Filmspotting PodcastThis is the podcast that first got me hooked into listening to podcasts. I've been listening to these guys for well over a year and I'll keep listening for as long as they keep reviewing movies.

The format of the show includes a top five list, Massacre Theatre (where the hosts deliver lines from a movie and you get to guess what that movie is), interviews with directors and other filmmakers, great music, and lots of listener feedback.

Don't just take my word for it. Here are a few other reviews:
"Podcasting For Movie Geeks" ... "Listen in to this weekly film podcast from cinephiles Adam Kempenaar and Sam Hallgren as they wax philosophical and review the newest films."
-- Filmmaker Magazine - October

"A force for good in the universe."
-- Brick writer/director Rian Johnson

"They're sort of the podcast version of CarTalk, and they're very bright and very verbal. I enjoy listening to them so much and I'll write down the films that they're talking about."
-- Saturday Night Fever director John Badham


S.L. said...

All I can say is thanks. I know this is an old post, but I wouldn't know about this site if it wasn't for this blog.