Expensive Pad vs. Moleskins


While reading John August’s blog, I came across a post about a special screenwriting pad.

“Buying one 80-page pad will cost you $22 with shipping, roughly five times more than the Ampad pads I use. But my pads merely have horizontal lines, whereas the Everybody’s Write pads have a special grid system for lining up various formatting elements. The non-reproducible blue lines disappear when you photocopy them — but then again, non-existent lines disappear just as well.”

Here's what the official site says:

Dustin Paddock, screenwriter for Fox Network's popular TV program ‘House’ calls the Screenwriter's Initial Draft Pad the ‘Lexus of legal pads for screenwriters’!”

I wouldn’t mind have some of these laying around my room. They look a little big to carry around in my breast pocket. I guess I’ll just have to save up and buy a moleskin. My Treo 650 just isn’t hip enough for the hipsters.

On a slightly unrelated note, I think I need to move to Seattle.